Where the beauty, the sweetness, the fragrance and the colors meet-

that’s where you’ll find me, offering my delicacies…

I planned and baked,  I have created and decorated,

And now, I can join you in your celebration…


The Flavors

Quality and pricey ingredients that make the difference between the simple and the elegant.


The Variety

Homemade madeira cakes, sponge cakes, specialty brownies, pies and tarts, aromatic yeast cakes, impressive specialty cakes and mousse. Decorated petit fours, mousses, ice-creams, spicy baked dishes, savory casseroles and more.


The Beauty

Take a close look at the designer cakes… that’s not sugar paste… the cakes are solely decorated with cream!


We create the decorations with a specialized icing technique with the aid of a wide array of piping tubes, thereby presenting to you a cake that is elegant, unique, breathtaking …and delicious! ( which is not always to be said about sugar paste/fondant)

The base of the designer cake is usually made from a rich sponge cake in a variety of flavors of your choice: chocolate, vanilla, coconut, walnut and more.

We have a variety of cake fillings: chocolate cream, vanilla cream, nougat cream, cherry pie filling, blueberry pie filling, halva cream and more.



 Healthy can also be beautiful!

Most of the cakes can be made with whole-wheat flour, natural cane sugar and a substitute for butter/margarine such as canola oil, tehini or apple puree.

As well as the option of natural food coloring.


The Celebration

We are able to design an inviting buffet designed and equipped to suit all occasions in any style that takes your fancy.


The Hechsher

All the ingredients have the Badatz “Eida Hacharidit” Hechsher.

All the nuts, fruits and flour are all checked according to halachik law.

Most cakes can be ordered pareve or milchik.


Looking forward to being part of your Simcha!